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Subaru Performance


The Engines

The current Subaru ranges of cars are all powered by their near unique Boxer engines. These are available in either petrol or Diesel and the range starts from 1.5 litre all the way up to the impressive 3.6 litre used in the Outback range. These engines were named 'Boxer' as a result of their unique piston arrangement, which has all the pistons horizontally opposed, like two boxers jabbing alternately. The principal benefits of this are that the centre of gravity of the engine is much lower, giving better road holding and cornering, and the vibrations and forces tend to cancel out to a much greater extent than those set up by a classic in-line engine making the engine quieter, more efficient and subject to less wear. The actual transfer of power from the pistons to the crankshaft is much smoother, and much less energy is wasted in the mountings. Cooling is much more efficient, which also allows for much better lubrication, and the fact that the lubricants do not have to fight as much against gravity in order to supply the whole engine mean that less friction and wear occurs throughout the range in both fuel versions.


The Transmissions

The Boxer engines are available with a range of different transmission options. There is a classic manual transmission available in 5-speed and 6-speed or an automatic transmission, which in combination with the Boxer engine give handling and performance that is rarely matched, all within the strictest of the European and worldwide fuel economy and emissions requirements. Know about 2017 Subaru Crosstrek Brookhaven MS here!


The newcomer to the range though is the Lineartronic variable transmission. Loosely resembling the Variomatic arrangement briefly pioneered by DAF in the 1960s, the Lineartronic has taken a different approach and uses a chain and not a belt to transfer the drive between variable gears. Watch this for example: This allows it respond in a completely linear and almost lossless way to changes of speed and road conditions. In addition, the Lineartronic has a manual paddle operated system which gives control back to the driver whenever required, much like having a manual, semi-automatic, automatic and linear transmission all in one unit. The added AWD traction control means that whatever the surface conditions, exactly the right amount of torque is distributed between both axles and both sides of the all-wheel drive system.


Coupled with these high performance engine and transmission options, the driver position is improved by more responsive throttle and gear controls that take up less room than traditional ones. Contact Subaru Dealers Brookhaven MS here!